Split Set is a frictional rock bolt which is a slotted high-strength steel tube with a face plate. It is installed by driving it into a slightly undersized hole. Frictional anchorage, along the entire lenght of the bolt, is provided by the radial spring force generated by compression of the tube. Splits Sets are used for a wide variety of mining applications throughout many mines worldwide. 

The installation of Split Set bolt is a fairly straight-forward procedure and can be performed easily by trained personnel. The bolt should not be overdriven but placed tightly against the rock so that a slight deformation in the plate is visible. 

SPL-33 SPL-39 SPL-46
Pipe Dia. 33mm 39mm 46mm
Tube Thickness 2mm 2,5mm 3mm
Weight 1,40 Kg/m 2,16 Kg/m 2,83 Kg/m
Breaking Loads 110 KN 130 KN 180 KN
Steel Extension Lenght 18 y %25 18 y %25 18 y %25
Covering Galvanize Covered or Non-Covered


They are hot rolled steel plate pieces usually of 4 mm thickness as 150×150, 300×300 mm. We are able to produce domed and flat plates.

Dimensions (mm) 150 x 150 300×300
Thickness (mm) 4
Hole Diameter (mm) 35-48
Weight (Kg) 0.72 2.88
Material Steel Sheet
Purpose of Usage Prevent the movement of surface
Covering Galvanize Covered or Non-Covered

* We are able to produce domed and flat plates.