Hydraulic Expansion Bolts have great acceptance in the mining and tunnelling industry. Thanks to this original design, the external form of the Bolt is folded into itself. The ability to inflate with hydraulic pressure ensures that these products carry a maximum load with the correct and appropriate manufacture of steel.

Hydraulic Expansion Bolts combines bedrock and tunnel surface in hard and medium rock formations. In case the rock mass slides during blasting activities, it does not break and holds its strength capacity with its elasticity and shaping feature. In comparison with regular injection, it stabilizes rapidly. Due to pre-placed plate and without nut usage, Hydraulic Expansion Bolts are one of the most effective equipment of operation.

Hydraulic Expansion Bolts which can be produced 6 meters long are connecting the faulted rocks and bedrock with friction forces. Using in company with steel mesh during the daily blasting activities prevent various rock fall.

Standart Midi Strong
Min. Breaking Load (kN) 120 160 240
Length (m) 1-6
Material thickness (mm) 2 2 3
Original Tube Diameter (mm) 41 54 54
Bore hole diameter (mm) 32-38 43-50 53-50
Expansion Pressure (bar) 300 240 300
Quality Of Steel Tube  S-355-MC
Elongation 20%


They are hot rolled steel plate pieces usually of 10, 12 or 15 mm thickness as 150×150, 200×200 mm. We are able to produce domed and flat plates.

Dimensions (mm) 100 x 100 150 x 150 200 x 200 250 x 250
Thickness (mm) 4-15 8-20 10-20 12-25
Hole Diameter (mm) 27-52,5
Weight (Kg) 0,66-1,58 1,4-3,6 3,2-6,4 9,9-20.6
Material Steel Sheet
Purpose of Usage Prevent the movement of surface

*We are able to produce domed and flat plates.